Ever wanted to get your questions in Maths, Chemistry or Physics answered in most satisfying way? Here you have it.

This service enables you to submit questions to us in any of the subjects below and get answers in any media of your choice, text, audio, or handwritten.

  • Chemistry
  • Further Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

To get started, please read and and accept our Terms and Conditions below

Terms and Condition

  1. When you have many questions, we do not charge for one question which means we answer one question free.
  2. We charge you ₦500.00 for each question answered and you must deposit money into your account to activate the service
    If the amount of money in your account is insufficient for all the questions to be answered, the questions will be solved in serial order beginning with the first one till the amount paid is exhausted.
  3. There is no refund of any balance after payment
  4. Any balance will be automatically rolled over for solving questions in the future.
  5. That the answer to the first time question will be found at the “Answers to Questions Sent to us by Users” section of the website’s Homepage when ready free of charge.
    Answers to all other questions will be solved after making payment